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The Music of Everything (and the Importance of Sound Healing in the Digital Age) January 12, 2013

We are all entrained into a cosmic rhythm, an intergalactic symphony of everything that moves, that lives.  All life has movement, no matter how seemingly imperceptible, and as a result, all life has rhythm, vibration. When we allow ourselves to respond to this cosmic rhythm, to be a part of it, to resonate with the songs of life around us, we are harmonized, we are more alive perhaps as we allow this energy to move us, to move through us, to transcend us and connect us to the sound of the AllThatIs.  “Music” is the expression of this truth, this ecstasy, and the creation of and participation in music is life affirming and generating.  

The presence and prevalence of vibrations from a non-human portion of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum- a radical increase in the amount of X-rays, microwaves, radiowaves, and cellular frequencies surrounding us and bombarding us at any given moment, let alone just the propensity of noise from mechanical sources- machinery, cars, airplanes, etc.- all lead to a loss of hearing, or rather a loss of understanding or comprehension of any of the information signals we do receive.  We are in system overload.  Imagine being in a 12×12 room and having stereos situated along the wall at 1 foot intervals, all blasting at full volume different radio programs.  You are sitting in the middle trying to hear your own heart beat, or the purring of the cat on your lap, or just decipher what one of these people or songs is saying.  This is what its like to be alive in the “digital information age”.  From where I sit in a ten mile radius from my home there are over 20 cell phone towers receiving and transmitting microwave and radio waves through the space that I live in, sleep in, eat in. And then think of the wifi systems in each separate home.  Is it any wonder that there is an alarming rise in neurological and behavioral disorders like Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, and Alzheimer’s.  Is it any wonder that anyone can concentrate on anything at all? 

The solution?  In a system inundated by external stimulation, the center is lost. Just like in music, when the pattern is lost due to an increase in players or an increase in tempo and the rhythm becomes erratic, one needs to pull back somehow and “find the 1”, find the beat, the place that the rhythm keeps returning to.  In the body the 1 beat is the breath, the beginning and the end of the cycle,  the inhale following the exhale following the inhale etc., in an endless and infinite pattern.  Entraining the other body cycles to this breath rhythm- the heartbeat, the cerebral spinal fluid, the lymph, the chemicals of the brain, the hormones,  the cycles of emotions and sleep and elimination, creates a resonance within the body system that strengthens the original (breath) rhythm.  This resonant and stronger rhythm, and the being that embodies this rhythm/vibration is now far more capable of competing with the bombardment of these external stimuli, or continuing to “have a voice” in the deepening music of everything.  It is not necessarily that this rise in information technology is a “bad” thing; agreeably, there are many conveniences to these advances.  The point is, rather, that we must also rise to the occasion and advance our own mechanisms- taking up new practices that secure the body in this new vibrational field. 

“Vibrational healing” or “sound healing” is a term and practice that addresses this situation. By hearing or applying sound, rhythm, or vibration to a body or a system, it allows that body or system to adjust and recalibrate back into attunement.  By allowing for the possibility of resonance, harmonization, and amplification with these natural, human-spectrum frequencies, it helps the body and mind to “remember” it’s own natural vibrations, rhythms, and intervals, and to have a stronger voice in the music of everything.



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