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Stories in the Snow January 17, 2016

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One of the things I enjoy most about nature is that it generates within me a sense of wonder.  There are so many beautiful questions in nature- who? what? where? when? why? and so many magnificent creatures and places to discover, that the quite natural naturalist within each of us might never satiate their desire to know this immense physical world entirely.  And thus, born of desire, born of respect for exquisite beauty and phenomenally intelligent design in every inter-woven aspect and all detail, our great love affair with Earth/Orga begins and continues….

One of the things I enjoy most about winter, and look forward to all throughout the year, are moments like these (pictured above)- stories preserved in the snow. I spend a lot of time in the woods, wondering: what kinds of creatures live here?  What do they look like? What do they eat? When do they come out?  How many of them are there?  etc., etc.  And in winter I always receive some juicy clues to the mystery, nature taking a picture for me so that I can study and understand more.  Not that I don’t find tracks in spring mud or wait and watch to see who nests in trees.  But winter’s images often tell a deeper story.  Something happened here.

The beautiful swoosh of birdwing on freshly fallen snow. But no footprints with that movement, something must have remained in flight.  The dance or chase of two birds, or two creatures.  The snaking pattern of a small two-footed hop-hopping along.  I may not have seen the creatures, but by looking closely I can “hear” them, I can imagine a bit about their activities at that place: the distance of these impressions reveals a sound and rhythm to their movements, the depth of the impression reveals the intensity of their landing, a meandering movement suggests an inner tone.

For many moons I lived at the base of Harriman State Park in NY and had the pleasure of exploring that wild place everyday.  My favorite explorations were always after a snowfall, following the tracks of coyotes.  For hours and hours I would follow their lead and read the stories they left behind- where they came from, where they were going, if they traveled solo or in groups, what they moved toward, what they unearthed, who they ate, etc.  One of the things I marveled at was how “jumpy” these creatures were.  I would see 4  tracks crisscross and weave in and out of each other’s path and then sometimes follow in a line or two by two and then sometimes all separate again.  Sometimes they would all circle around a tree, or just two of them running off, chasing something, but often just chasing each other. You could tell by the depth of their tracks whether they were walking or jumping.

And it made me wonder- what was really happening here?  In all this movement, this animal group movement over a large distance- there must have been communication.  So how was it done?  Of course coyotes make sounds and communicate that way.  But what happened when the two coyotes broke off from the group of four to explore the sound in the treetop?  or when they rejoined the group, or walking single file?  How were these formations formed?  How were these things communicated?

I’ve always been an observer of and believer in the intelligence of the natural world, both expressed as a unified collective living field containing all life forms (i.e. planetary ecosystem) or expressed as the individual cell or organism or species, plant, animal or element.  You might feel comfortable with the use of the word “intelligence” as that seems like a human quality.  Similarly you might not like my use of the word “communication” when I speak of my observation of the coyotes.   So let’s soften and expand our definitions of those terms and allow them to be inclusive of all life forms, not just exclusive qualities reserved for humankind.  Also let’s imagine new ways of communicating, ways that are even “beyond” our human capacities, and let the other creatures of the world teach us something about that.  We might call it telepathy and think of it as extraordinary for us, but for many life forms these non-verbal, non-audible ways of communicating are the norm.

Oh an just a little bit more about that… One of the most remarkable things I witnessed following the coyote stories (which still has me pondering ever since as you can tell) was this: in the midst of this wild weaving of animal tracks over obstacles and natural formations there presented a long but thin felled tree that was perpendicular to the path of the coyotes.  Just one of the coyotes decided to walk the whole length of the tree and then rejoin the others.  Hmmmmmm.  Curious.  When I noticed that coyote track I was immediately reminded of many a child I’ve taken into the woods,  the playful spirit, walking the whole length of a balance beam of a tree “just because”.  I’m not anthropomorphizing here.  I’m merely noticing.  And wondering.

Scientists and naturalists- people that spend time in nature and observe things- have long pondered whether animals “play” or if every action is biologically driven or environmentally/externally dictated.  Do animals even have the luxury of time for play?  For me, the story of the coyote tracks revealed new possibilities.

Get out into nature and see for yourself.




River Alchemy November 19, 2013

The River Alchemy Project: Healing Bodies of Water with Sound…

Pasted Graphic 1Back in the early 1970’s, it was shown that water can be “charged with” and then “store” various types of subtle or vibrational energies.* In other words, people were beginning to recognize that the intelligent form of life that is water has the capacity to hold on to or “remember” experiences as vibration on a molecular level. Since that time, many more people have come to contemplate and realize water’s vibrationally sensitive nature.

In 1998, a year after my son was born, I had come to this same understanding.  I knew that, like our bodies, Earth is an energy system also predominantly made up of water. And I felt that all these “bodies of water”-mine, my child’s, the oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes, puddles, brooks, springs, bogs- are by their very elemental nature vibrationally sensitive. I began to speculate that perhaps all these bodies of water “feel” in some way, and have memory somehow. I was living in Pittsburgh at the time, the recovering steel town where I too had been born, and the place of the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers. All my life I had observed that most people barely noticed these great rivers, let alone walked by them, swam in them, or celebrated them. For years they had been the sewer pipes of industrial discharge, and were now the inconveniences we had to build bridges across.

At that time something within me was awakening to the life within these rivers,  not just the struggling fish populations, but the possibility of what those three old souls were, what wisdom they might know having lived and flowed for thousands of years, and still coming together here, now. I began to look at these and all bodies of water differently, to see them in a new light: as alive, intelligent, changeable, healable, feeling, needing, beings. I saw then that, just like people, many bodies of water must “remember” a difficult past, one marred by years of industrial abuse, pollution, and degradation, as well as spiritual neglect.

Would we tolerate treating ourselves or another human being in this way? Let alone a life-giving entity that provides for us all everyday something that we cannot live without?

It was then that I truly began to feel and understand that the entire energy system of the planet is vibrationally “depressed” and knew that condition is stored in her waters.

Not long after, I received a vision: to create community ceremonies and celebrations for rivers at rivers with the intention to heal and harmonize all bodies of water. This work became known as River Alchemy. Traditionally, alchemy was known as a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy that aimed, among other things, to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold. I chose this term because in a broader and more contemporary context, alchemy is a process of transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary. 

River Alchemy is a term I created to describe an experience that aims to transform the relationship between people and the natural world, specifically people and bodies of water, and thereby heal and transform the actual elements of the natural world themselves.

River Alchemy events have occurred each solstice and equinox since the winter of 1999, activating bodies of water and communities all across the country. While I was living in Pittsburgh I was able to fulfill this vision and create many events that connected people and the rivers, and I saw a profound change with the Allegheny, Monongahela, and the Ohio Rivers and the many wonderful people that call them home. In 2002 I moved to New York and devoted my alchemical efforts, both scientific and artistic, to the mighty and magnificent Hudson. I am currently and happily back on the shores of the Great Three of Pittsburgh.

Although each River Alchemy event varies depending on the season and location, certain fundamental components are always present: celebration, participation, education, and restoration. River Alchemy events are always held at a river site or community, and CELEBRATING the ecological and cultural fabric of that region is key.  At the site, participants are encouraged to interact with the elements of that environment in some creative way: a moving meditation, a collective art installation, a poetic reflection, a parade or procession, a musical experience, a yoga class, etc. It is always different. It is always amazing.  Each event incorporates an educational component, connecting participants to information and resources on local water and river issues, organizations, and activities.

And River Alchemy experiences always involve the making of a vibrational restorative, or remedy, for the bodies of water. Each River Alchemy event begins and ends with the magnificent sounding of a quartz crystal bowl, the water within it absorbing the powerful and pure sound of that phenomenal instrument, and also the vibrations of the music, language, prayers, songs, movements, and intentions of the entire event and all the people attending. Participants are invited to partake of this energetic elixir, as this “sweet water”, as the children call it, harmonizes everyone there to the same vibration, the same intention, and at the very end of the event, this “charged” water is ceremonially offered to the river or body of water we are honoring. This aspect of a River Alchemy experience literally and energetically “raises the vibration” of all the bodies of water that are there. If you’ve ever participated in one, I think you know what I mean.This is also applied in Vox Lumina’s SONG OF LIGHT, which combines the mediums of myth, music, and movement in an artistic alchemy aimed to further transform consciousness about rivers and other elements of the natural world and to further harmonize and elevate the relationship between people and their environments.


To bring a River Alchemy event to your favorite body of water, please contact

*(Vibrational Medicine, Gerber, 1988)


Water needs our love- We need to love water November 14, 2013

Water is going through a difficult time.  It has been a long road waiting for a radical breakthrough in consciousness.  Not the consciousness of water itself, but the consciousness that most people have about water.  Again and again, for a long time now, water has been used (and abused) for man’s bidding- to flush away toxic waste, to carry his barges full of commerce, to force gasses up from the bowels of the earth- so that we may have clean homes, expanding businesses, and cheap fuel. Water does our bidding and gets polluted in the process.  Irreparably so?  Only time will tell.

What can we do in the meantime?  What can we do to change the tide?


Water needs our love.  And we need to love water, to treat water as the incredibly beautiful, intelligent and phenomenal being that it is.  We need to talk about water with others, share images of water’s beauty, write poems and songs in water’s honor, celebrate THE GIFT of water always.  With this we can raise the vibration from utilitarian and functional to sacred and spiritual, and an alchemical transformation of consciousness begins….

I do believe that some day, hopefully soon, we will be beyond all this flushing and polluting and fracking nonsense and water will be our teacher and our inspiration. And when we think back to how terribly we treated her we will be so glad we changed our ways.

I look forward to that day and I celebrate that possibility with all of my heart.

In joy,

Vox Lumina


What Water Does: Needle Ice February 6, 2013

Ice Needles

Ice Needles

This is another amazing form of crystallization that water does when it freezes.

What a gift it is when we get to see the form inside the beautiful mysterious musical movement that water IS.

I’ve been observing this phenomenon for a long while now, coming upon it in the woods in the right weather and it always delights me. It makes me wonder what happened in the cold night with the water and the soil. What were they doing? What kind of conversation were they having? And from where did the cold wind come? What kind of feeling makes water move this way? Why the drawing up and freezing in the moment? And always that great mystery- what is it like to change states, to go from liquid to solid?

Clarification: this is not a sublimation. It is liquid water turning to ice, but continuously, growing and growing upon itself. It’s water dewing and then freezing as it’s happening. AND making a completely new, structural columnar solid form. WATER! AMAZING!

Voxylu’s Haiku:

soil’s long warm exhale
frozen in the pre-sun chill
water lifts for light

This is: Frost Heaving, a natural phenomenon that makes “Needle Ice” which “occurs when the temperature of the soil is above 0 °C (32 °F) and the surface temperature of the air is below 0 °C (32 °F). The subterranean liquid water is brought to the surface via capillary action, where it freezes and contributes to a growing needle-like ice column.”

In other words, two different temperatures meet and mix and dance and MOVE and GROW and in water create an experience and change that looks like this beautiful thing: (see photo above)

So, since we are now together building and learning and expanding our visual and verbal language of natural phenomenon/things of natural beauty and natural wonder that we all treasure and share in common value as neighbors and inhabitants of Earth-Orga blessed to behold this Beautiful Life, look at this:
There are other people in other places, other cultures in other lands which ALSO have a name for this thing, this experience, this natural phenomenon.  They call it:

“frost pillars” (“Säuleneis” in German),
“frost column”, “Kammeis” (a German term meaning “comb ice”),

“Stängeleis” (another German term referring to the stem-like structures),
“shimo bashira” (霜柱 the Japanese term for “ice needles”),

or “pipkrake” (from Swedish pipa (tube) and krake (weak, fine)….” [3]

(quotes from and for more information go here:



The Music of Everything (and the Importance of Sound Healing in the Digital Age) January 12, 2013

We are all entrained into a cosmic rhythm, an intergalactic symphony of everything that moves, that lives.  All life has movement, no matter how seemingly imperceptible, and as a result, all life has rhythm, vibration. When we allow ourselves to respond to this cosmic rhythm, to be a part of it, to resonate with the songs of life around us, we are harmonized, we are more alive perhaps as we allow this energy to move us, to move through us, to transcend us and connect us to the sound of the AllThatIs.  “Music” is the expression of this truth, this ecstasy, and the creation of and participation in music is life affirming and generating.  

The presence and prevalence of vibrations from a non-human portion of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum- a radical increase in the amount of X-rays, microwaves, radiowaves, and cellular frequencies surrounding us and bombarding us at any given moment, let alone just the propensity of noise from mechanical sources- machinery, cars, airplanes, etc.- all lead to a loss of hearing, or rather a loss of understanding or comprehension of any of the information signals we do receive.  We are in system overload.  Imagine being in a 12×12 room and having stereos situated along the wall at 1 foot intervals, all blasting at full volume different radio programs.  You are sitting in the middle trying to hear your own heart beat, or the purring of the cat on your lap, or just decipher what one of these people or songs is saying.  This is what its like to be alive in the “digital information age”.  From where I sit in a ten mile radius from my home there are over 20 cell phone towers receiving and transmitting microwave and radio waves through the space that I live in, sleep in, eat in. And then think of the wifi systems in each separate home.  Is it any wonder that there is an alarming rise in neurological and behavioral disorders like Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, and Alzheimer’s.  Is it any wonder that anyone can concentrate on anything at all? 

The solution?  In a system inundated by external stimulation, the center is lost. Just like in music, when the pattern is lost due to an increase in players or an increase in tempo and the rhythm becomes erratic, one needs to pull back somehow and “find the 1”, find the beat, the place that the rhythm keeps returning to.  In the body the 1 beat is the breath, the beginning and the end of the cycle,  the inhale following the exhale following the inhale etc., in an endless and infinite pattern.  Entraining the other body cycles to this breath rhythm- the heartbeat, the cerebral spinal fluid, the lymph, the chemicals of the brain, the hormones,  the cycles of emotions and sleep and elimination, creates a resonance within the body system that strengthens the original (breath) rhythm.  This resonant and stronger rhythm, and the being that embodies this rhythm/vibration is now far more capable of competing with the bombardment of these external stimuli, or continuing to “have a voice” in the deepening music of everything.  It is not necessarily that this rise in information technology is a “bad” thing; agreeably, there are many conveniences to these advances.  The point is, rather, that we must also rise to the occasion and advance our own mechanisms- taking up new practices that secure the body in this new vibrational field. 

“Vibrational healing” or “sound healing” is a term and practice that addresses this situation. By hearing or applying sound, rhythm, or vibration to a body or a system, it allows that body or system to adjust and recalibrate back into attunement.  By allowing for the possibility of resonance, harmonization, and amplification with these natural, human-spectrum frequencies, it helps the body and mind to “remember” it’s own natural vibrations, rhythms, and intervals, and to have a stronger voice in the music of everything.



What is the Song of Light? August 12, 2012

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On the holy days of yesteryear:

when the moon was full,

when the seasons changed,

all Organs would gather together to hear the Song of Light.

We came to know this story by heart,

every cell vibrating with it’s rhythm, it’s music, and it’s language.

This is what we have long since forgotten:

that Light is a vibration from the motion and emotions

of attraction and repulsion,

the dance, if you will, of the oppositional forces,

the eternal partners, of magnetism and electricity,

Earth and Sky.

Everything that we know, that we feel, that we see, that we hear,

that we experience in Orga

is a manifestation of this vibration,

this sound,

this blessed Song of Light.

My mission is to restore the vital link 
between the land and the people, 
to ignite a memory of my people’s past

by telling the ancient Organ epic,
the Song of Light….

let the dreamtelling begin!


turtlemomma July 10, 2012

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About this time last year I was extraordinarily blessed to witness this Snappy Momma lay her precious cargo down on the sweet Earth-Orga for later hatching.  Notice the perfect orbs- so many!- notice her giant clawed hind feet putting each one in place, notice the rhythm of contraction and release into which we all are placed on this beautiful planet.  And notice how close I am to this wild creature which under normal circumstances would have likely snapped my nose off at that range, or that of my dog whining with excitement out of the picture.

As I am preparing to give birth to the Song of Light album on digital next week (July 19th!) I remembered the inspiration I received from Turtle Momma last summer. As a mother myself I found it quite extraordinary to witness this birthing- her intense concentration, her whole body rapt in earth-birth rhythm- and also her reptilian ability to “birth and run”, as afterwards she covered up the eggs and went on her way. Song of Light cd-eggs are being released from my creative body and waiting/ready to hatch and become alive and fulfilled in places/with people I have only dreamed of….. I’ve blessed them all and I hope that you all will enjoy!


our beautiful river April 17, 2012

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Nature neighbors sighted today out on our beautiful river:

*ten (yes, ten!) red-eared slider turtles, sunning themselves on branches in the shallows

*two kill deer birds, hopefully nesting, found in the mudflat grasses

*some geese, some ducks, some seagulls, all in pairs and chatty

*a few happy, hungry leaping fish, quick enough I only saw their splashes,

and thats not even knowing all I didn’t see….

Do I hear an “Amen!” out there brothers and sisters?

Do we realize how blessed we are?

Are we looking for the beauty everywhere?


Greetings. I am Vox Lumina.. December 31, 2010

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I am the Queen of Orga, the Land of Organically Generated Time, Sound, and Form.  My world is the language of the trees, the music of the water, the rhythm of the moon, the dance of the bees.  This world has been overpowered by the invading forces of Syntha, Mechanical and Processed Time and Form.  The Machines fill up our quiet spaces with strange noises and unnatural rhythms, and the Synthetics resist breaking down in our Time, accumulating in our soil, our water, our blood, and our skin.  My people can no longer tell time by the sun and the moon, they can no longer see the stars,  they can no longer hear the rhythm of life in things.  So many are lost in The Forgetting now, disconnected, and I fear that Orga will be completely overrun. These are dire and urgent times…

People have fallen out of rhythm with nature and out of rhythm with themselves.  Mechanical time has taken over, with people stressed out over clocks, deadlines, and schedules.  Few know when the moon is full, much less what constellations are in the sky, what fruits are being given to us for harvesting, and what medicines are in the plants.

My mission is to restore the vital link between the land and the people, to reawaken people to the beauty and intelligence of nature….



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