The Adventures of Vox Lumina

Rediscovering the lost world of Orga

What is the Song of Light? August 12, 2012

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On the holy days of yesteryear:

when the moon was full,

when the seasons changed,

all Organs would gather together to hear the Song of Light.

We came to know this story by heart,

every cell vibrating with it’s rhythm, it’s music, and it’s language.

This is what we have long since forgotten:

that Light is a vibration from the motion and emotions

of attraction and repulsion,

the dance, if you will, of the oppositional forces,

the eternal partners, of magnetism and electricity,

Earth and Sky.

Everything that we know, that we feel, that we see, that we hear,

that we experience in Orga

is a manifestation of this vibration,

this sound,

this blessed Song of Light.

My mission is to restore the vital link 
between the land and the people, 
to ignite a memory of my people’s past

by telling the ancient Organ epic,
the Song of Light….

let the dreamtelling begin!


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